The most important fairs are held at Gonzaga, and they are organized by the "Fiera Millenaria di Gonzaga srl" Society. Gonzaga is to the center of the Padana plain, in the province in Mantua, and it is easily attainable from the A22 highway (tollgates of Pegognaga and Reggiolo/Rolo), from the railway line Modena/Verona (station of Gonzaga) and from the airports 'Catullo' in Verona and Marconi in Bologna, as well as from the state road 62 of the Cisa.

The fair district extends on an area of 120.000 square meters of which 22.000 covered and with a space of 50.000 meters dedicated to parking, a polyvalent building, a conference room with 150 seats, typical restaurants and a space turned to artistic and cultural shows.

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  The new fair pole of Gonzaga

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