Among the misty lowlands of Mantua it would never be thought
about finding something different from the
agricultural real estates, from
the hard job of the farmers in the fields and the rows of the silent poplars that frame the great river.

Nevertheless this dimension has inspired the creativity and aroused
the emotions of some
masters, that have given life to a most particular art, fed by the observation and meditation of the intimate relationship among the man, the daily hard work and the space in which it carries out his own life and his own job.

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A show to the insignia of the cultural fun, five days of meetings with authors, reading, shows, concerts. Festivaletteratura is by now from many years a fixed appointment for who loves the reading and for the one who is simply curious and knows to be able to meet writers, musicians, actors for the streets and the squares of the city.

First Christian Europe has been Europe of the monasteries. The Rule of san Benedict, based on the witticism "Ora, lege et labora", has scattered the seeds of a new Ideology tool of Faith and Wisdom anywhere.